Participate in our husbandry and enrichment programs. Discuss diets, care, behaviors. Be an online keeper.

Secondary school, college and university field placements. Non-invasive observational research.

Annual writing and art contest with yearly themes. Win an Animal Encounter or Keeper For A Day visit.

Watch the wolf pups grow! See them being hand fed, socialized and learning all about the world around them.

The wolves are real live subjects as you enjoy our wildlife art workshops or wildlife art classes.

Photograph the wolves in their naturalistic enclosure or enroll in a workshop or nature photography class.

Book a personal Animal Encounter, a Behind The Scenes Tour or be Animal Keeper For A Day.  Get close. Get wild!


Watch the wolves splashing in the pond, lounging in the sun or enjoying a simulated hunt capturing their dinner.

Activities, programs, contests and special events! With something for everyone, Tamonga Nature Park is a fun and exciting educational adventure for the entire family.